Night of the living Kar!


So I know I havent been around in a while but I promise this new  character will be full of  many twist and turns. For now I’ll focus on this new sim I have been poking about. Remember Port Kar? Yea forget what I said before for Kar is under new management. And people I have to say these are one of the best characters Ive been arund In a long time. Port Kar is full of colorful characters and some very hot pirates…erm I mean good whole hearted folks. Cause there are no theives and pirates in Kar right? Any who the ownerd of the sim have been working very hard so after a long day they decided to unwind a little.. with a murder conspiracy, hauntings and then finally bodies rising from the grave.. But dont worry these zombies weren’t out to feast on the flesh of human beings. No these zombies wanted to dance!

Dance Zombies Dance!

Oh no one of them’s got me! HELP

Luckily Sefa was there to save the day!

Although this is a BTB sim mind you and we do wish for people to come and roleplay of course it never hurts to have  little fun. To that I say kudos to you Port Kar you know how to give this bond a good time! Until next time folks and come over we dont bite… hard :p

Enter… If you dare… Muhahahahaha


Into the dream..welcomes the nightmare.


“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.”

Carl Gustav Jung, “The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man”

What does that mean you might ask? Simple we dream of what our deepest wishes, desires and even fears project in our subconscious mind. With that being said it was a very nice vacation with the bbo’s but now that my master has returned it is time to finish what we had set out to originally for my freedom. Ill give you a hint folks its going to be as Shamalan would say “What a twist!” But before we continue with out story (which will be soon I promise) I had the opportunity to have a unique role play with one of the most creative characters I have ever met. Truly gifted with words and detail. I will play the scene out for you so you may understand better.

Caly lays within her furs breathing deeply as the warm fires close by comfort her into a deep sleep. As she begins to slumber, images begin to fade in flooding her mind until she awakens suddenly on the floor rug of a different home. The hearth is much bigger then her owns and she is dressed in.. she blinks tugging on the bodice. “A gown?” she thought as her hand flung to her neck feeling its bare skin for the first time in many moons. She could almost cry in relief as she thought she actually did it. She was free! Her rejoice was suddenly put to a halt as while she was getting up from the floor a shadow began to move by the table in front of her. She stared motionless at the large man and although she knew he was a man she could not figure out his features. It was as though he was there but not actually there for his body was blurred and covered in shadows. Curiosity soon became fury as she pondered why was she here and not home? Who was this man and why was he here with her?”Well..” she mused to herself “If I could escape one I could escape another..” she thought to herself as her hand trailed up to the pins in her hair. Pulling out the tiny sharp object she rolls it around her index finger and thumb eyes never leaving her victim as she moves closer to him. The pin was induced in a poison made not to kill a man but hinder him useless for a time being. By the time the victim of this poison rose from his sleep the inflicter would be long gone. She thought the best way to induce the pin is to try and seduce the man. She was after all a slave before so she knew well to a mans heart or rather lust in the matter. For she thought men had no hearts as they always tended to treat her as she had no meaning in their lives. Her movements were fluid as she approached him, leaning over to the nape of his neck she begins to kiss softly trailing her tongue up to his ear whispering softly “Would you like me to be the cure or the virus to your infection?” followed by a slow pant and soft kiss on the base of his ear while her hand made her way to his chest. Fingers slowly rolling the pin in between them as she prepared to strike.

The shadow man is sitting there he was reaching over a few parchments in his idle time. Feeling the girls warmth so close, his eye’s lifted slightly from the parchment as the firelight would cascade over his and her form. Dancing oranges and yellows against the shadows ambient spell that sought to claim everyone at all times. He would notice the faint hint of a glimmer off the pin she held between fingers as he blinked slowly once more. He would lift his brow as he felt then the warmth of her breath flooding his flesh over his neck and ear as he heard her whisper. His facial expression remaining the same, calm, showing no emotion, almost like that of a paint peeling devoid look as he listened. The touch of her teeth, lips and mouth alike upon his neck as she administered them only made him cant his head lightly to the side a moment before he felt the trailing of her tongue back to his ear. He then shifted some in his chair as he reached out seizing her by the wrists as he bent it back looking to the pin as he said” Try this again girl..and find yourself hand less and tongueless alike. you will not touch a man without permission, and you in no form will try to harm a man ever. Is this clear.” His tone deep, dark, and direct in its commanding tone as his steel blues fell into her eyes as if mimicking the winters of the north.
A cry escapes Calypso’s lips as his hands steel against her wrist she relinquishes the small pin letting it drop to the ground. She stiffens as much as she could to remain standing golden silk tresses cascading down her face hiding her shame. She will not give him the satisfaction on how much it hurt her. she never did listen too well but given the tone in his words.. aye the man would do as he promised indeed. Her tone was at first cut up but briefly after a quick clearing of her throat she says coolly ” never you worry I will not be making that mistake again. However don’t expect me to beg to touch you” she pauses cursing herself for having pride ” for that will not be the case here”

Hearing her words the shadow man would turn his grip lightly as he pressed downwards. This method used to physically force her to her knees before him as he would listen to her words. His tone and expression never once changing as he would say” you will beg for everything girl. To touch, to serve, to even be acknowledged. If you think differently, then maybe I will find myself bored and whip you till my arm is tired.” At this he would release his grip on her wrist and cracked his neck before he relaxed in his spot once more.
Calypso helplessly falls to her knees she would not let him know how this excited her only certain things would give it away. Perhaps the sudden dilation of her pupils as he forced her to the ground. Maybe the sudden parted lips, a slight arch of her back, or the sudden two pearls peeking thru her bodice. She would turn her face towards the wall her eyes storms of blue and grey glazed by unshed tears. She merely gives a tight nod indicating  she understood
The shadow man would let his eye’s remain, reading and, watching her every motion and reaction. Though his facial expression never changed he would see her head turn and her nod. He would say” I don’t think nods are answers girl. Speak less this is your way of telling me you don’t need your tongue at all, and if that is the case I will just remove it” At this he blinked and plucked his tankard from his side table as he drank of it lightly and left his eyes on her even more so.
Calypso says within heavy breaths “you said to speak only when told to.. I thought it meant to be quiet.. Please forgive my insolence.” she almost pants as she speaks never before had she been spoken to like this before and frankly it excited her.. danger and the unknowing always intrigued her it was how she ended in a collar.. but then again it is also how she got out of one. “yes I understand and it will not happen again” she says meaningfully she wasn’t stupid to believe he wanted her anyway too many women out there whom would gladly fall to his feet. She lets out a small sigh and she shuttered suddenly as she spoke “may I get up now?”
Hearing her words as he lowered his tankard to the table once more he would say” Do not be ignorant girl. How are you to be known to want or acquire permission if you cannot speak..” He stopped at his own words and simply said” Guess I’ll teach you like that of a true beast and have simply actions be your words. ” his eye’s moving back to her once more as he sat there listening further to her apology as he then said” get up? Do you think you are some privileged high status woman of this world? No, you will remain on bent knee’s until stated otherwise. Even if I must tie weights to your legs to keep you there. ” At this he fell silent.
Calypso hangs her head facing her knees waves of gold covering her face as she silently sobbed. “I may not be high status but I am free.. ” she cleared her throat throwing back her mane “i have done what you commanded of me, I said I will not do it again, I apologized… What more do you want from me?” Sapphire gems shimmering in unshed tears as she waited for his response
He watched lightly with that expression on his face. Blank, yet paint peeling in its appearance as he listened to her words. When her face was uplifted to look at his he would just blink once or twice at most as he shook his head lightly saying” Free? Ha… Now that is humorous girl. your lips parted when you were forced to the ground, you shake under your robes not out of fear but excitement. ” At this he would reach down in a liquid motion, his hand sliding under her robes as his foot forced her legs apart as he slid a hand over her heat as a brow lifted slightly and he pulled his fingers out from her robes holding them near her face as he said” Are you trying to tell me this is how a Free woman’s body would react to such administrations?” His fingers carrying a light glaze of her heat on them as he waited, those eye’s not leaving her’s and her tears seemed to not effect him even in the slightest.

Calypso bit her lip to prevent her from crying out a moan yes that’s what she wanted she thought as his hands cupped the v of there thighs feeling the moisture from her hit. oh yes she was excited from him but she would not admit it she looks up to him eyes evenly to his. she hold her hands together trying to keep them from shaking from the fear that once again she will live in confinement. her tone is rash and shaky “You bastard.. how dare you touch me so.. I am free that ” she points to his hand “Is perfectly normal to have moisture down there and proves nothing. As for your other accusations I have no idea what you are talking about.. ” she rubs her temples and sighs “As I said before I will ask again…what do you want from me?

His hand remained before her face as he left those eye’s upon her. It was as if they were delving into her core as he remained silent listening to her speak once more. His hand moved sideways then back across slapping her across the cheek as his tone remained the say, yet was only faintly deeper as he said” I don’t like lairs. Speak only if you speak the truth. ” His boot then lifted as he pressed it against her chest and with one swift motion pressed her back and against the floor pinning here there as he said firmly” Well to bad no one is asking what it is you want girl. Now.. strip your robes away, for you are no fee. you are a damned slut in robes. stop hiding it.” His eye’s remained upon her as he simply watched her once more.

Calypso yelled out loudly as she felt as though her cheek caught fire. teeth clattering from the blow her head turned to the side she shook her head trying to focus once more before finding herself onto the floor his boot to her chest her hands fling to his boot as she tries to pry him off her. small as she is she has spirit and although the man can easily overpower her she will not go down without a fight. “I do not lie I am free and I will not be cohorts into a collar.” she oops as the crush of his weight is on her “I am not going to do no such things. You will have to rip them off of me like a degenerate that you are. I’m sure you will sleep fine knowing what you did” she growls lowly her legs shaking like a leaf from under her skirts she feared him but he excited her in the same time

He would feel her prying at his boot as he simply blinked once more. Her feeble attempts were almost cute to him. His head shook lightly as he heard her words of not lying and being a free. He exhaled silently as his hand reached out seizing her neck were he clutched down upon lifting her from under his boot, into the air as he stood and posted her back against the wall as he with his free hand forcefully in one solid motion literally tore her robes from he body tossing them aside. He would say in that tone” Such silly things those robes. specially on that of a slave.. Now, once more girl should you value your tongue and body.. What are you?” At this he placed his free hand fisted against the wall between her thighs sliding it upwards to were his wrist would hold her heat against it as he ground it lightly into her letting her weight now settle upon it as he held her there upon it with almost no effort and released his grip on her neck enough for her to breath a little and speak.

She grips his wrist firmly hissing attempting with all her strength to pry him off of her as he swoops her from the floor hands to her throat she coughs as her air is restricted. her eyes bloodshot from fury only to suddenly close as her head hits the wall with incredible force. her skull felt as though its been split in two ears ringing she blinks trying to focus her vision back to his face. a small moan escapes her as she feels his hand once more onto the v of her thigh. the small pressure put on her heat made her pulse race and her mouth run dry she pants softly as he lighten his grip greedily taking in breaths she looks back to him with a small smirk on her face “I am still free you don’t understand do you.. I am not a slave because my heat is wet any woman can have that issue I should know as I helped the healers in my old village.” she pauses trying not to squirm from the exhilarating pressure on her heat “Women free or not develop that naturally its what prepares us for men. “

Watching her as he would hold her there, his wrist grinding ever so slightly and tauntingly into her heat. The soft moan she had let slip past her lips made his right brow lift as he heard her words. His facial expression never once changing as he would just look upon her as she babbled on with so many words and excuses avoiding he truth in her own way. He would still grip her as his wrist turned sideways as he slid his palm with her weight over her heat. Without warning he slipped his middle and ring finger between her lips and into her heat were he curled them pressing them towards himself against her inner walls were he knew a special patch of nerves resided. He would step closer as he allowed his fingers to rub here up and down then forward again as he said in the same tone” slut… I was a slaver for a many seasons, I know whom is a free and whom is a slave upon sight, sound and scent. You are no free woman, you are but a slave grasping at whatever dream she has has of being free..” At this he let his hand slip from her neck as he actually supported her there his fingers deeply inside her rubbing still before his hand found her hair behind her head as he tugged it firmly as he continued” You, have lost your dream, and found your nightmare slut.. Now you will live it and relish in it as you remember well what it was like to be embraced in such a station” At this he curled his fingers within her harshly as he pressed himself against her entire form holding her there looking directly into her eyes.

Eyes widen then half close she manages to say stuttering words “No..stop please” she pants heavily as his hands perform within her sending her dangerously over the edge her back arches more legs slightly widening as he continued she heard words like slut, dream and she thought she heard nightmare but she could not understand at the moment she was merely trying to keep her wits. her head jolts back up as he pulls her hair down eyes now sleepy drowsed look she pleads t him to stop even trying to pull his hand from under her skirt “Please .. no I want to be free ” she cries out moaning. her thighs dripping now in her juices nails digging down his wrist “You can’t do this to me please” she cries again legs buckling as she tries to hold her from releasing in front of him

He would note every motion of her body. Her widening eye’s that drifted just as haste-fully half shut in a manner he knew well. Her stuttering words that were suppose to be a proper plea for him to stop. Her small back arching  her legs widening for him. His eye’s were not like a many, they were linked to a very observant mind, that held many knowledge. He would also note her trying to pry his hand from her heat, which in turn only delved his fingers even deeper into her as he allowed them to rub in off set timing with one another now as he sought that special place within all woman that a simple touch could make them cry out. He felt how wet she had become in such a very VERY short time and his expression allowed by the faintest of smirks to form as he heard her last plea. He felt her legs buckling as he kept hold of her, the signs obvious to him that she was no free but a slave indeed. He would press his hip against her as through her actions his shaft had been awoken, not fully hard yet not soft as it throbbed against her exposed skin. He would say” Stop?Yet you let your body speak so many more volumes. Wanting me to continue as you almost at this moment are almost crying out in pure pleasure.. Why fight it slut? Or am I going to have to use you like a slut is suppose to be used to show your own mind the truth of what you are..” His tone now a faint bit deeper as his breath spilled over her skin as he would wait allowing his fingers to work deeply within her and his hip remaining against her as well.

Calypso grips his arm tightly as she came her release unable to hold it any longer her legs buckled beneath her body tremble as waves of pleasure crash into her. she roars when she climaxes wild and restless as is her nature to be. she is not tender she is not soft she is what she is and as she released. Her vulnerability opened to him showing the kind of woman she truly was. feeling him so close to her she could not help it she pressed her lips to his shoulder breathing in his scent kissing him with grazed teeth as she waited for the quakes to calm.

The shadow man felt her sudden grasp and then her legs buckle her roar within her climatic moment he almost grinned evilly as he slowly let his fingers slowly come to a stop within her before lowering her as he crouched and slid his soaked fingers from her sex. Her body quaking within his grasp as he let his hand release her hair he would lean her against the wall there as he felt her kisses to his shoulder and almost felt her draw in his scent as he watched her trying to calm. His head canting to the side lightly as his facial expression once more returned to its normal as he only said” Hmm…. not a slave aye? Could have fooled me” His words were presented just like all his others, knowing well the pleasure she had just gone through she wouldn’t take such protestant stance against them as he simply sighed silently and watched her.

Calypso just limps there for a few trying to regain composure she looks up to him panting heavily as she lifts herself up on shaky legs “No…” she says breathing erratic “Not a slave” she says in her last attempt to defy if not for reason for her own self worth she refused to be tossed around anymore as if she were a mere object. “Men..” she spits “All you think to do is make slaves out of women.. you care not for the women but the conquest.. and once you have it you leave them shattered in a corner for anyone to use at they’re disposal… I am not an object nor will I ever be one” she straightens her hair back eyes leveling to his her eyes glimmering in the firelight like the bluest sea with a storm on the horizon “You can collar me you can put me to my knees but mark my words I will find my way out.. There is not a cage big enough to keep me in and I refuse to be everyone’s whore” she spat her last words with resolution and meaning

He watched her a many moments as she slowly lifted herself to stand once more. Hearing her still defiant protest made him shake his head, yet then in her final words. He almost…froze.. Those eye’s of his normally that of steel, softened before her gaze as if something she had said stroke something in him. something well hidden, something that he kept from the rest of the world. He swallowed and stood slowly himself as he spoke. His voice this time not mono toned and lifeless, yet held emotion, one that many men of this world hid away for fear of being seen as something less then strong. He took in a slow breath saying” Men… You may despise us girl. But not all of us are found devoid of compassion, love, and passion. Some of us had such things ripped from us without plea. Some of us dream, some of us see, and the very few have actually felt and had what means the most to us taken in a form that will never again be returned to us. Leaving that of only memories and a pain none can even begin to fill.. ” He grit his teeth lightly as he turned to start to simply walk away as he stopped and added” Once, that of only of a passing months time.. My Mate, before she knew she was to be such.. Asked me if she was but a conquest… Then two weeks later.. ” He would fall silent as he turned to look at her as the winters tundra returned to his eyes as he said” Odin took her in my arms, and I was unlucky enough to feel the last beat of her heart. In the end I was her conquest.. To make a frigid man of the North feel. She succeeded and took all away from me in one swift and tender action. Selflessly at that girl. So before you go bunching all of us together… Stop to think careful on words you are to speak. ” At this he turned and began to simply walk away as it seemed like the winter itself surrounded him” Because you never know what the one such things are spit at, maybe have gone through, let alone… might have to live in every waking moment and have twisted nightmares of.. Even when there walking moments are dashed within steel.” His words fell silent as he was seen simply walking away from her as if the life he was forced to kneel within, was part of his waking nightmare.

She sighs she reaches out to him hand opening and closing as if she wanted to reach out to him only to snatch her hand away and sigh “I do not wish to bring about you any pain I simply wish to be treated once more as a person..” she hangs her head as she buckles down to the floor head laying on her knees “The last man I trusted with my heart put a collar on my neck and shipped me away..” she smirks jadedly “But you know what he did before hand he put a pretty little coin-box around my neck and made me roam around the village naked for anyone to use.. I was raped over and over again until I no longer felt..Do you know why he did this? Made me fall for him only to collar me and trow me to the depraved? ” her eyes stormed in fury “Because I killed his brother in defense of his drunken binge..” she laughs bitterly “I didn’t even know he was related to him” letting out a gust of breath she says lowly head still to her knees “So what would you do to me? ” her voice almost sounding defeated

He would keep walking as he heard her words. They fell against walls of ice as he would shield him from any further feeling. He would exhale and say as he simply rounded a corner. The tone in his voice showing that his words, his walk and even his existence was almost a form of apology to the one that had been taken by Odin.” To mend you….” Was all he said before his form vanished around the corner, his steps almost instantly disappearing as a cool breeze blew past.

She smiles softly as she watches him leave she would not let him see her gaze as he left but she did as she probably will for a while watch him in silence seeing what may the future hold for them. She blinks as he begins to vanish and yells out “Wait.. what is your name?” her voice trails out as well as her surroundings begins to spin out of control in a tempest of images. She cries out as she throws herself back onto the floor waiting for the storm to settle when suddenly…silence. Quickly she bounces up staring around the room. The masters house..I am back..” she pondered sweat dripping down her face as she looks around to all the familiar things. Her hands fling to her neck now breathing erratically as she feels the steel once more she looks down to her shackles shaking her head she muffles her cries as to not awaken her master asleep in his bed. “I was gone… wasn’t I?” she thought as her hands slowly move to her now swollen belly. He will notice soon the sudden mound.. how long until he realizes she was with child? What will he do?” she thought of the horrific scene that would surely happen. She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts to her mission in hand. She must get free from him. She must not let him kill her baby…



Whew! What a dream huh? Caly is got some big issues coming around soon. Like how to escape her master and what was with the shadow man? What will happen to her baby? Until next time folks!

This Is Big.


I thought this was interesting to know just in case you all happen to buy stuff from there.

Silks Of Second Life

Letter from Jericho Jie on marketplace:

It has sadly come to my attention that certain items I created or co-created for Torvalds Forge are being sold again in Second Life by my former business partner Jona Aabye, without my knowledge or consent, in spite of the fact that Torvalds Forge closed down more than a year ago via mutual agreement. It should not have re-opened without the same mutual agreement.

This is why you now can own every Torvalds Forge item I could recover from my deleted account, and have directly worked on. And you can own them for FREE. Torvalds Forge should be dead and gone, but if it isn’t, you should not have to dole out your cash for any of the items that came from my hand.

*** THANK YOU for all the positive comments and encouraging remarks that I have received, and more so, thank you…

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Here we go into the GE world..


Soo I know what you all might be thinking. Hethen! Blasphemy! How can you sleep at night?!! Listen guys put down the pitchforks and take a seat. I dont know if you noticed lately but the BTB sims have been lacking in style. So far I have been all over the Gor BTB Map and they hall have a shit long list of rules that all equal to no fun. There are some cities who wont even accept a raid from anyone. Which yes I know it can be annoying if every few minutes there is a raid BUTTT standing around and doing nothing but hanging around taverns or cafe’s pretending to drink your coctails and polite conversation can get real boring quick. Or the ever so popular furring can get tedious as well. C’mon Im a fan of the gorean sasauge platter but it gets bland after it being youre only diet. So for this reason I decided to roam around in the GE world. So far I have encoutered some real genuine people whom want to do things out of the norm. Its a refreshing change of pace and need I mention it quenches my blood thirst? I havent even touched my ps3 since I have been in GE because of all the action. Sure its alot of pew pew but I like pew pewing from time to time (you should hear me swear lol worse then a sailor when Im playing COD) Im now in an outlaw village called Black Bows Outlaws where I have disgeiused myself as a freewomen.. until someone notices my brand that is. (if you tell anyone sefa I will kick your arse lol)Let me start of that it has been a long….very long time since I have seen a place with more then ten people in it. This sim is constantly busy on raids, getting raided, resue missions.. the works. The first day I got there alone I almost got my ass handed to me for roaming around so be careful and ring the doorbell please. But aside from that tiny scuffle they welcomed me into their village as one of their own and I have been poking around ever since meeting the locals and trying out their natural foods..or is that anthony bordaine… (Laughs at her own cheesy ass jokes) So keep an eye out kiddos Ill be posting some interesting stuff soon enough on this place. Who knows what kind of trouble this bombshell bon…erm free woman will get into here. (I give myself a week before I am in chains again lol)

For my readers I know I know when will the rp come back.. did caly the bond die? What happened to the dark misterious jungle man master of yours? Soon enough I will have all these answered in amazing intricate roleplay that you all know and love. For the now I will show you different places that one could explore (of course in disguise lol). Who knows maybe one will put us onto adventure of a lifetime! Until next time.. keep imagining! 😀

Oh how the mighty have fallen


*raises Port Kar’s flag at half mast saying a soft prayer on a once beloved and true rp port. You were one of the good ones Port Kar! You will be surely missed!

At this point I am sure you are probably thinking.. o.0 um caly the sim is still up. Yes it it I know BUT this is not the famed cutthroat port we all know and grew to love. For more or less five years Port Kar has survived so many storms only making it stronger and truly the scourge of the south. But sadly as all great civilizations this one will soon fall.Just like with Troy, port kar will plunder due to a woman.At first I didn’t recognize this certain woman whom for sake of not dealing with anymore consequences will remain nameless. Then she started with her antics, isolating people whom she did not care for, keeping a certain clique of followers like an entourage and should you not fit the bill… well then you need to bail. So as these strange things started happening to me I started to ponder.. this has happen to me before. In a sim I liked to call drama Island where she and her clique ruled as well. It was only until she did this that the lights didn’t turn on and I went AHA! You are the sim killer! Here is the scene:

Ok so I bump into this guy and we strike a normal convo… she randomly out of the blue walks over and stands I kid you not in between me and the guy. (all she needed was to pee on his leg to mark her territory. xD)

[06:31] Me: beams as she hears the masters compliments “Oh thank you master I shall let him know… that is if I find him today” her blush fades as a concerned look falls upon her face “You or the mistress have not seen him today have you?” she turns to the mistress “Oh I am so happy to hear that tummy aches are the worst at times but I did make some poached eggs at the inn.. it was for my master for his breakfast but I can make some more if needed”
[06:31] Me: ((wb))
[06:31] Man: ((thx))
[06:35] Man: (( I will go to put therin’s door))
[06:35] Woman: (excuse me i need ot show him a few others

Now all I changed was the names but pleaaassseee note the times of the ooc. 5 minutes of waiting for a post and all of a sudden they have to go. Do they rp out? Nope they bail leaving me alone. This happened at the sim before and I went OMFG its YOU! and tpd out.

I later informed a friend and long time veteran of Port Kar to watch for sudden drop of people. She didn’t understand until she found herself out of a home after being there for so many years. The reason was folks apparently she commented about the sim and how it was being run….. yea… Don’t get me wrong if they didn’t like the comments I believe should be addressed so it doesn’t happen again.. but banning? I think that’s a little too rough considering you have just bought the place. (and why would anyone ban that and say its OK to have a billion alts playing in the sim including themselves which could be used for META-GAMING Ill never understand)Any who as I checked the sim’s traffic and its down to 9k.. a once place whom had 100,000+ k is down to 9k which is more then likely their alts camping in there to build that traffic alone. And how many people.. seven.. ya on a Friday night on a sim that used to be with at least fifteen people at all times there is only seven which once again I am sure most of them are indeed alts. This is a sad moment in deed and it makes my heart break seeing this happen honestly.

But I will try my best to make it so they at least get some traffic and let you know one tiny detail.. The men on there are lovers not fighters. So you raiders out there come get it easy pick’ ens there! Though I might warn you that its more then likely a one time raid as they so happen to be sore losers (already one btb rp sim is banned from rping there… ya the WHOLE sim)

So although I did have some fun on Port Kar I must say goodbye to my once loved city and sail onto other adventures.. maybe go north this time since lately all southern hospitality has gone to the crapper lately. (plus after this I’m sure I wont be welcomed there lol)*sighs* until next time folks!

Im a bond hear me roar!


So as we know temporarily me and my Master are stationed in Port Kar awaiting on is decision on where we will live and of course my completion of this character so I can transcend to the other. Now I cant stay in the inn all day and all night or well Ill never get a story for here! So as I walked down the cobblestones to the courtyard I come across a few free and a kajira which we will probably see here again. At first there were pleasant greetings but then things came suddenly for a turn to the worst. I know you are all eager to find out so Ill shut up now and let the characters tell they’re story:

Lady Sarah looks from the strange girl the over to Pitt then back to the strange girl ” girl what brings you to kar?” I final ask her.
sefa seeing them an come near i tremble just a bit as i say “tal Jarl”
Calypso ears perk as she hears the mistress she looks to the other girl then to herself pointing at herself “Me Mistress?” she asks with a curious expression usually free paid her no mind
Lady Sarah looks to the girl and just shakes my head a little ” yes girl you” and still looks to her as it is odd to see a slave traveling alone
Calypso looking confused she gaps like if she was going to say something then pauses wondering if this is one of those trick questions she finally answers as honest as she can “Why my Master brings me to port kar Mistress”
Lady Suri  glances about the square “Greetings Pitt, Lady Sarah”‘ observes the slaves nearby
Lady Sarah nods “Tal Suri”
sefa:” i never seen her before Mistress nor her so called Master” she whispers to her
Lady Sarah still looks confused a little to the girl then she hears sefa ” so girl who is you Master?  Where is he is? He brought you here?” she nods to sefa while asking the girl
Calypso : “Tal Mistress” she says lowly to the other mistress she looks around to the others wondering if she was in trouble or something “Oh he is in the inn Mistress if you like you can ask the innkeeper she booked him a room here. He is looking for work I believe is what he said to the Mistress” she looks up pointing to her collar saying property of Aron Zahm “This is my master Mistress I hope this helps clarify” she looks around never having been questioned so much before. she was quite excited truth be told no one ever pays her this much attention
sefa Jewell: “she in chains Mistress perhaps she a gift to Kar” grins at the girl
Lady Sarah: she could be sefa
sefa nods my head fast “I think so too Mistress” i look to the slut “,, she is kinda pleasing to the eyes Mistress i say” , holding a finger up showing there how kinda pretty she is ,, the fingers a inch apart
Adalwyn: Tal Free Tal girls.
sefa: why are you in chains slut?
[18:34] Calypso (calypsotempeste) looks up frowning “Mistress although I am honored truly for this much attention truth be told these chains are my Masters doing had I been a gift I would not have his collar on. My Master is visiting this village and I dont think he will be happy that someone stole his property” she looks down giving a shrug
[18:34] sefa Jewell: tal Master i say
[18:34] nyteroze: No, Mistress.
Lady Sarah looks to the girl as i just take in what she says as i am still leary somewhat looking to the man in green ” tal Sir” then back to the slave ” girl l i never have heard of the man you say is your Master or seen him here” then hearing what sefa i just looks to the male as if to say i think the girl is lying to me
sefa: point to this slave in front then turning another one with red hair there too Master ,, i think its raining slaves
Lady Suri : “Whose name is on the collar?” looks questioningly to the slave in white
Calypso looks up in horror “Mistress no I wouldn’t lie please check the books he is in the inn plus why would I have his collar if i wasn’t his property?”
[18:36] Lady Sarah: Girl anyone can say what you are saying and it be a lie
Adalwyn glances towards the woman speaking to the others and nods softly listening to the girl having already been known to her the previous meeting.- “the beast and her master are at the Inn. They came to the Port as visitors. He is in search for employment in the Port.”
Lady Sarah: ahh ok SIr
sefa rubs my hands together as i remain silent , letting the free handle the slut now

Calypso sighs a relief as finally a voice of reason speaks
Adalwyn: “why he leaves his beast to run about while he is off gallivanting around one will never know. You would think he would make sure his girl is known in the city as his own property if he was in any control”
Lady Sarah: yeah i know Sir because of situations like this
[18:40] Adalwyn glances back towards the other who gave him a gaze and then back to the ones he kept an audience with speaking clearly.: Yes, One would think if the male was in any control he would ensure the safe keeping of his beast or at least ensure she had better skills in a unknown city.”
Lady Sarah: aye that is true Sir especially a port such as ours
Calypso nibbles her lip softly she would not speak anymore until they ask of her for fear that they would plot again
sefa: did the said owner ask the kennel to look after you i say to the white haired slut? then whisper to the Master “”what on her titties ? are they in her nipples?
Calypso looks up “He said to help in the port if needed until he is done with his business. He mentioned he may stay here if it pleases him Mistress”
Adalwyn: “They are trinkets and bonds and chains that her master placed upon her.”
sefa: yes Master they look like they hurt !

Adalwyn: Yes I am sure they did why do you not ask her girl?
sefa: her hand clutches the pitcher of the strong black mead , the head of form wiggles as she step to him , her nose is tickled by the bubbles that burst as she come to the man ,, she grin wicked as her body leans into his , her curves seeming to fit nicely on his strong body , one hand runs over his chest as she presses hers against him ,, she say “Jarl your mead stone just like you she purrs up to him , may you find this mead fills one of your thirst this night… if you desire anything else form the is slut to fill another thirst you know how to find her
Calypso (calypsotempeste): They do and I trip on them all the time” she blurts out to the girl
Adalwyn glances towards Caly and nods softly speaking to the girl: Your knees on the cobble stone girl ensure you do not trip anymore.
sefa: can i poke her Master?
Calypso nods to the master softly speaking “Yes Master” as she glides down to her knees looking to the floor she didn’t know what she did wrong as she began to sniff all she did was stand there
Adalwyn: Why would you want to poke her?
sefa: just for fun, she’s awfully white ,,, maybe it will bring some color to her
Adalwyn: No do not poke her she seems scared enough in a new area.
sefa Jewell: yes Master
Lady Sarah looks to the girl now on her knees ” girl when is your Master due back here?” as i sigh a little and look over to sefa having heard what she said and just shakes my head a little
sefa seeing the Mistress look over to me i grin as i shrug my shoulder “,, well she is very white”
Calypso gives a low growl as she hears the girl her eyes narrow to her quickly then back to the ground. “Mistress he has not told me I only see him in the morning before he makes his way to the docks”

sefa eyes widen as i hear a growl looking to the Master and Mistress ..”did she just growl at you Master?”

Adalwyn moves towards Caly leans down with a grip of her hair his lips moving to her ear with a low growl as he spoke into her ear keeping a firm grasp on the mane of hair:

Calypso smirks giving a small chuckle oh how that girl was gonna pay for that act she thought then grunted as her hair is tugged sharply
sefa:” I think she laughing at you Mistress” i say softly to her
Lady Sarah rolls my eyes a little as i hear the girl then looks to sefa ” sefa go get me a small bottle of kalana just the small bottle no goblet” then sighs
Adalwyn grips the girl’s hair tighter his other hand bracing her chains gripping them tightly to make sure the beast was not going to go wild. : Apologize for your current behavior beast.
sefa Jewell: “yes Mistress” i say as i laughs going to the tavern” ,, ohh no” sefa stumbles over the cobble stone her foot hit the white girl in the thigh ,, making it look like it was done as she stumble i recover with a smile on full lips as i run into the tavern before any could say a word
Lady Sarah just laughs slightly at what sefa does then looks to the male then to the slave

Calypso signs and just zips her lips nodding as the master speaks she says no more for the instigating girl kept getting her in a deeper hole she did however smirk to her giving her a wink indicating later she will find her. she almost chocked in her binds as he tightens his grip her lips thin holding in another growl as the girl struck her thigh the looks back down saying as well as she could “Please forgive this girl for what she has done”

Adalwyn: “Are you finished with her ?” :glances towards the woman who stands in front of him and then back at the beast whom he had a tight grasp on:
Lady Sarah: yes Sir i am
Adalwyn: “then I shall escort her back to her master’s safe keep so she is not to make anymore mischief. Be well” :glances down towards the beast on her knees and tightens his grasp on her chain: “Pleased to meet you Lady Sarah I am Adalwyn Seerose.” “Come beast follow me”
Lady Sarah: ok Sir and nice to meet you to
sefa Jewell: rushing back to the Mistress I look over at the white hair girl winking as if i say bring it girl , innocently my face changes as i kneel before Mistress with a small bottle of opened kalana smiles as i tip my head back offering the bottle to the Mistress
Calypso  coughs loudly as as he drags her back up

Lady Sarah takes the bottle of kalana from the girl and pulls the cork out with ease and takes a long drag from the bottle after lifting my veil slightly ” thanks girl”
sefa smiles lowering my hands to her thighs
Lady Sarah: sefa you may see to the others or go about your chores.
sefa: I wonder if she knows how to serve men Master perhaps she could get you something

Adalwyn glances towards Caly and then towards Sefa and shakes his head: “The beast would trip and spill anything with those blasted chains upon her body.”
Lady Sarah: pleasure meeting you Sir and aye that is true… be well Sir…serve with fire girls
sefa: ohh no Master a real kajira knows how to walk in them with grace
Calypso sighs she clanks her chains together “Im a bond not a kajira” she mumbles trying her best not to growl out again
Adalwyn glances towards Sefa and Caly: “Your master must have a humor to him to think your of proper use to anyone with those dangle bits of chain and steel around your limbs. It is distraction from your body.” :glances towards Sefa listening to the girls words: “Aye but do you not see by her temperament I doubt she is a trained kajira by the simple fact she does not know how to hold her tongue. Beautiful and foolish do not mark the traits of a proper trained kajira.”
sefa looks to him with a laugh, you must be right she looks like a bond bet she smells like she been rolling around with bosk ,, i bet the beast don’t mind if she trips
Calypso looks up to her growling eyes bloodshot in anger. her muscles bunching up as she wants to leap onto the girl “Don’t call me a beast when you wear the same collar as me. I have pride in what I am I work hard and have the scars to prove it. What do you do sit on your arse and serve a drink? Anyone can do what you do. Come to the north and see if you can handle real labor. ” she spits to the floor “You wont last an ahn soft flesh”
Adalwyn takes a step back watching the two as they exchanged such heated words shaking his head softly
sefa laughs seeing her anger that might be a bit of fire in her belly after all .. i brush my well shaped nails over the thin rags as I look to her “,, I have no desire to stink nor touch the hairy bosk ,, i rather serve men as they wish to please all and not just one you bond are known for ,, if this city gets you i will vote to call you white stinky slut !
Calypso looks up to the master “Master may you take me back to my master now. he told me if i injure another kajira he will bind more chains on me and I really want to behave today” her eyes almost pleading to him as she knows her temper all too well
temper all too well
Adalwyn glances towards Sefa and shakes his head: “You engage her when she has no desire to defend it is a pointless battle girl. If you have chores to attend to get them done. :glances towards Caly: follow me.
sefa Jewell jumps up going to roam the city and please men as i call to her “yes please men have them enjoy the lush curve of a pleasure slave something you never feel”
Calypso makes a small mark trail from one side to the next behind the master as she passes by the girl


Ooooo there is gonna be a smack down in the streets! I can almost taste the blood in my fingers. *smirks laughing malevolently* Looks like I am gonna need to put my claws on this kitty gotta cut a hoe *cackles as she mimics in the best ghetto accent she can do* Until next time!

Everybody hurrrttsss and everybody cries


Lately I have been searching about for possibilities of a new character. Yes odd that I started a blog and already I want to change the character. Truth be told I have always made a better freewoman then a slave. Constant sex scenes bore me. Although it has been fun pissing off the women as I shake what my momma gave me, and fighting other slaves is very funny, I just don’t see myself constantly having to do “the do.” I was hoping for more of a labor working slave rp with some sexual scenes of course but labor no less. However the free I have encountered if they are women they do not speak to me or if they do is to speak about me, if they are men… well hence why I wear a chastity belt. So this char will soon be gone (im letting my master take care of that part lol) and a new character will emerge and hopefully be prosperous in story play.

Onto my next topic. I was hopping around villages seeing where my story will begin now and I came across and amazing city with very um controversial ( i think thats the best word i can say) people.. One in particular drew me in. He will remain nameless of course. See I tend to profile perv people to see more or less what I am getting into and prepare. What I saw on his profile literally made me raise a brow. At first he has the typical no princess slaves, get to work or gtfo, I am not here to be your boyfriend, and my personal fav the famous you know if you wear the collar pick. Very typical man profile expressing his disdain for slaves making them seem like objects to warm your dick at night (there isn’t any part in the book where they are treated as objects btw. They were more treated like animals and ya know even animals get treated with some kindness) Which mind you fleshlights probably do the same thing fyi.But I digress. After reading the typical things what do you think I find? Heartbreak lyrics and a poem about his lost love that broke his heart. Aww poor baby come cry on momma’s shoulder. Listen up kiddo’s most people on sl get hurt. Its not your fault its people who REALLY don’t give a fuck about you that’s at fault. You know whats funny most of those assholes that don’t care for real don’t write on their picks how they are tough mean masters that don’t want princess slaves and blah blah blah. If you are writing all that bs just because you got hurt.. well all its going to do is scare off the ones whom wont hurt you. The people who are worth a damn. So guys and you too gals quit writing so much shit on your profiles on how much this person hurt you. Wanna get them back? Don’t give them reason to think you are hurting. That’s the ultimate get back. You write all this stuff all its going to do is give some reading material to the idiot that fucked you over so they can laugh about your “Woe is me Im in pain oh please unbreak my heart” whining. Deal with it everyone gets hurt even yours truly here. Wanna know what I do? I get over it and move on. So should you after all the next person could be the one to wipe all those tears away.

To my readers.. yea I know I am rough with my words and I seem to be a bitch. But honestly I’m not. I’m just brutally honest and hate to see people do that to themselves. That other person isn’t worth the suffering you cause yourself. Remember we are all beautiful and we do deserve to be treated well in any life. Until next time!