WTF! La gente esta muy loca!


*cackles as she sings along* Anyway welcome and thanks for reading. I have been contemplated on what to write for this blog as a starter for quite a while. So while sitting on this sim in afk mode (which will rename nameless for their sake) waiting for inspiration, Inspiration came to me in the shape of two free women. Here is their story.

DR: Is there something wrong with that girl?
LS tilts her head looking in the direction the lady is looking “I don’t believe so” she holds up a scroll “I’ve been reading while she has waited over there”
DR: Then why is she all… I don’t know…. writhing about. She afflicted with something?
LS: “Perhaps it would be prudent to investigate. If she is diseased, she should be put down like the beast she is”
DR: If she is *laughs* then you go get her.
LS: “Excuse me? why would you expect me to take care it?”
DR: Was your idea. And I’m not going near her if something is wrong her.
LS chuckles “Then i suppose we will both stand here still wondering what is wrong with her until someone else comes about”
DR: Works for me. Then we can see if it is contagious

At this point I could not stop laughing these women had nothing better to do then to guess why my ao moved like this. I wear the chica boom ao from vista animations. As far as this is concerned this ao is made for slaves. Its sexy and provocative, which is what a slave should be. So why is it that only women complain about sexy ao’s? Could it be that they cannot wear them so they are compelled to critizize a slave for where such things? Slaves are meant to wiggle and writhe and be all hot an bothered for their masters. Slaves if you have been oppressed buy yout sexy and slutty ways lend me your voices! Shout out to the heavens no more! No more will you be a victim of bad rp due to your slutty ways. Wear your ao’s with pride and say “Im a slut and I am proud!”


Besides your Masters will be happy and after all who better to make happy then the one who takes you back to the furs. 😀


See he seems very happy 😀 *glomps her master to a mushy paste of sexy goo* Any who that’s my two cents for today until next time!

Hair- Magika Remember Hair Mesh

Skin- Al Vulo- Vero skin Natural Bronze

Feet- Slink Women’s Natural Feet Mesh

Outfit- ~Soedara~ Tarantia d’Or Unum – Mystique Noir


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