Primative Sex


So needless to say my character was seething still after that encounter of the bountiful breasted woman. She wanted her master to want her, use her not some other girl whom he had to pay. Oh sure she was not experienced but she knew her passion for her Master. And so without further ado here is what happened next:

Calypso then giggles them around “But look master they still do the job” she shimmies towards you breasts swaying and giggling

Aron rolls his eyes and he speaks before he walks over to furs to lay down. “I suggest you to go find that coin girl, and ask her to teach you a few tricks.”

Calypso growls as she digs her nails into her flesh mumbling “I’m gonna cut them off her..” eyes narrowing as she looks to her own breasts. blood trickling from her thigh as her nails dig deep “You think I cannot please you better then she can?” her eyes looks down “I may be not delicate like her but I know how to please” she says as she stalks over to the master. her hips sashaying in smooth sways as she softly pads her way one foot in front of another. she moves as graceful as a larl beautiful yet powerful she is not like the dainty slaves from the south. no this girl is wild animal needing to be tamed

Aron was investigating through his belt and pouches while she was speaking to him. He had noticed that she came near him but he did not even turn his eyes toward her. He kept searching his pouches, and he pulled out a small leaf and he held it in his palm shortly, he replied to girl while staring at girl, he letted out a short laughter. “..I see.. So you are accepting that she is delicate?” he moves his other hand over the leaf to start rolling the leaf carefully and skillfully in his palm.

Calypso tightly nods as she looks to him sapphire eyes flickering from the fires light her blonde hair cascading in a sea of silken straw around her perky breasts she kneels before him a soft hand rubbing up and down your leg she mimics the girls purrs and coos batting her lashes like soft butterflies on blue gems “Yes Master would you like this that I be like her Master… Would this please you… Masssteerrrr” she purrs the last master for emphasis
Aron had put all of his attention to the kanda leaf on his palm, he was all serious and careful while rolling the piece slowly. But he could not help himself any longer when he heard the girl mimicking the coin girl’s words, he ended up laughing hard. “..Ahaha.. Don’t tell me..” he says, shaking his head. He takes the kanda leaf from his palm and he places it between his lips. Tossing her the key of her chastity belt before he starts to unbuckle the belts of his weapons sheaths.

Calypso giggles with delight as she catches the keys with both hands reaching for the lock turning the key hearing an audible click as the lock snaps open she discards the heavy metal from her thighs relief that her heat is finally free from such restraint she licks her lips as her master begins to unbuckle savoring the moment as his dark muscles bunch  and tighten as he frees himself from his clothing “Would you like me to help you?”  she says with a wicked grinImage
Aron biting and holding the rolled kanda leaf between his teeth, he yanks on the each glove around his fists and tosses them to a side. Rubbing on his forearms as they were left naked, he just realizes how long it has been since he last took them off. He moves his eyes over the slave girl as she spoke again. “Don’t help, Do it.” he replies

Calypso she catches her tongue in teeth as her hands glide onto his kilt twisting the knots freeing them from their woven design. with one firm tug she indicates for him to lift his butt up would he do so she would then yank the kilt from off of him to work on his pants below. where she would with her teeth grazing his muscle roped stomach work on freeing his manhood from its restraint. pulling them down to his knees then making her way back up his legs to his thighs then in between to his hardening shaft her tongue and teeth making her way below to meet her exploring hands

Aron bends his torso over and he reaches to his boots, yanking on the each and with strong pushes he manages to pull them off hardly. He tosses them away before the girl starts to take off his kilt and pants. He slightly moving, raising his legs and crotch in order to help her to take his clothes off. He smirks over to her intimidatingly as the both were standing exposed. He placed his hands on the girl’s thighs as he spoke at her “Now what? Since you claimed you know how to please, prove it to me.”
Calypso turns up to him his cock in her hands she smiles widely with tongue in teeth as she hears her masters words “Now Master you see what I can do and tell me later if the coin slut was better or not” with one swift movement she languidly licks your cock from base to tip bringing it into her mouth teeth slightly grazing the sensitive part of the head. she takes you all the way in almost gagging as she slowly suckles her way back up then only to bring you back into her mouth again. her free hand reaches up to your stomach nails racking her way down as her eyes lock to yours hardly blinking wanting to see your every reaction

Aron was laying over the soft furs completely flat, he raised his torso from the furs by his elbows and he began watching the girl as she began working on his manhood. He let out a small laughter at her words, his words were rather teasingly “You will never learn it.” he said and he remained on his elbows to continue watching the girl from the raised state.

Calypso lifts her head up as she raises a brow she heard the playful tone in his words and grinned “Oh is that so Master.. well perhaps I better make a better show then just with my mouth…” her voice trails as she begins to crawl her way back up to him kissing and nipping his body from groin to chest as she straddles him slick thighs wrapped on both sides of his hips. he can feel the heat and wetness from her sex. oh she was ready for him since the moment she woke up but she wouldn’t tell him but rather would let his cock feel it. she straightens her self adjusting her sex  so the folds wrap his cock neatly and begins to rub wantonly on him. her body swaying mimicking sex without yet penetrating lowering herself just over to his ear “How does my pretty little cunt feel Master?” she whispers just before biting softly the nape of his neck kissing and licking close to the tendon

Aron still has the kanda leaf on his mouth, as in effect of it, he had a reasonless grin on his face. Feeling he can’t take the teases of the girl, he straightens from his place and gets on the sitting position with girl still on his lap. His one arm wrapped around her thin waist while his other hand touching the thigh of girl, moving accordingly with girl’s hip movements. He brings his lips close to her one ear, “.. What if I am fantasizing about that coin girl right now..?” he whispers into girl’s ear with a small smile

Calypso letting out a half moan half sob as his movements give her pleasure but his words spike it with pain she digs her nails deep into his shoulders “Then I will make sure that the next time she pleases you it will be nothing like this and then will erase her from your fantasies…” with that she lowers herself and bites his shoulder moaning softly panting as his hands touch her thigh her juices dripping from her soft pink cunt so fierce and passionate for one so pure. inside she is shaking begging for it not to be true sure she wasn’t experienced as the coin slut nor was she much prettier but she wanted to be the woman in his fantasies she wanted to be the girl who infects his mind to where sex with any other girl would be hard to compare. her hips buck as she continues to grind her folds onto his enlarging cock

Aron looked straight way to wall with his eyes widened for a second with the feeling of her nails, but it had not bother him at all, he even liked it to be honest, wild and dangerous. He whispered into her ear once again with his nose nudging and caressing against the soft skin close to her ear. “..Then make me.. forget..” he whispered at her lastly. His head was drawn back from her ear and was standing right in front of her, He slipped his one hand to her other thigh from her waist and he carefully lifted her on the already hard manhood. He slowly let his thick flesh penetrate her.

Calypso pants softly as her eyes look to him with a wide expression as he approached the barrier of her tight wet heated cunt. You could see the pain in her eyes as your cock inches its way into her. she bites her lower lip as to silence a cry bruising her lips to an invited blushed crimson

Aron continued to penetrate and move deeper in her warm depth lifting her still. He felt the girl was wet enough and it was making it easier for him. His arms then began moving the girl’s body upside and down in a slightly increasing speed, he began to stimulate both her, and himself

Calypso was unable to contain herself she lets out a cry as her hips buck finally tearing the barrier within she digs her nails onto his chest leaving small marks. Her nipples pearled in arousal as they rose and fell. she kept moving her body in faster snake like patterns locking her legs onto his waists. Panting harder now her eyes look to him deeply as she raises her head to his lips breathing him in as she kisses him. she could taste the kanda in her lips careful was she in her kisses as to not swallow the leaves should he part his mouth to hers

Aron let the girl release herself and her desires, he actually was going with the flow and not doing anything to control her at the moment. Not that he was not capable of it, but he wanted to see her desires. He parted his lips and allowed his tongue travel to the warm cavern of her mouth, he had kissed her passionately and longer, when it was compared to the coin girl of yesterday. His arms was pushing her through his manhood faster and his breath was now louder and bolder than before, He gave a short glance at her eyes.

Calypso moaning melting into his lips she breathes in deep almost as if she needed his breath to live he was like her air. teeth nip his lips playfully as she continues to rock and buck her juices flowing down to his thighs she cups his face with one hand as the other rakes his chest. you can feel her inside tightening as her arousal almost drives to a peak. her body now moving more frantic, needy like the wild beast she is. continuing to ride harder onto your cock as to mark her scent onto you. breast heavily bouncing her nipples graze your chest up and down then side to side. she mutters into your kisses “More…please.. give..” her words hardly making any sense as she is dumbfounded with need of release

Aron clinging and grabbing on the girl’s flesh with his hands even tighter, he was feeling like he could not keep himself any longer. He pressed his chin against her shoulder as he began spurting out his white hot seed into the girl, without wonder of if she had taken slave wine before, or not. He actually was not in situation to think such. For the moment, all he was caring for was the pleasure, and he was pleased that he retrieved it enough. His hands on the girl’s body were loosened slowly as he was done. He wiped the sweat of his face with a hand, breathing quick and catching his breath.

Calypso cries out as her body spasms in her climax his hot seed filling her in sending her spiraling out of control as she clings on to him. she milks him with her inner quakes pressing herself close to him as she waits for the waves to settle. her breath is rasp as she kisses softly his lips


Aron laying against the furs once again, he lets the girl’s head rest against his chest. With his one hand, he starts to comb through her hair slowly. “..I will not compare you with anyone again. It is no needed any more.” he spoke in almost mumblings as he eyed her

Calypso’s eyes brighten with his words she snuggles up to him hugging him tightly her leg entwined to his she smiled completely content that she satisfied him so she whispers softly to him as her cheek caresses his chest “I am forever on your chain Master” the way she could say her feelings to him are strong “thank you..” she said next softly it was just a few words but with those small words she expressed many things to him

So there you have it a perfect ending to a steamy moment of raw passion. Thank you to those whom read my postings and please come back soon for more stories.

Wearing today

Outfit: ~Soedara~Chastity Belt Black Metal

Hair: Magika [01] Tangle

Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ Vero ] – [ natural bronze ]

Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)


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