Warning this story is not suitible for the young audiences. :p


So me and my Master were sim hopping and came accross a delightful sim called Port Kar. This port is just amazingly detailed with many colorful characters each unique with their own stories. Can you say I died and gone to writers heaven? *swoons* Anyway back to the topic at hand. While we were searching about we came accross one of the most unique characters I have yet to see. This big bountiful breasted coin slut was roaming around the alleyways when we came accross her. Of course once we saw this amazingly unique person we had to talk to her. Being that I love acting as the oddball of slaves (no cookie cutter here they broke the mold when they made me :p) I had to create some conflict * winks giving a mischievous grin*. Here is out story:

Devka steps out from the dens and sees a bit of a procession head past, and a Free approach.
Aron approaches to the girl “Tal.” he mumbles
Devka then gracefully slinks to her knees and purrrs to Him, “Greetings, Master….”
Aron: “girl, show me out where the Inn is at.” he speaks out.
Devka chuckles as she sees the lovely waif stand and then kneel between herself and the Master. “Ay Master, but of course. right this way.”
Devka goes to the steps of the inn and gestures towards the door, kneeling again. “Here we are, Master.”
Aron looks about the place and nods “Thank you.” he speaks and returns back to his slave to drag her inside.
Kaida glances at Devka
Devka smiles warmly to the Lady and her kajirus. “Tal Mistress, tal jaron….”
Kaida: I do hope your not playing your trade in my Inn girl
Aron: I have asked her to show me the place.
Devka shakes her head no and replies, “No Mistress, the Master here simply asked for directions.”
Jaron nodded as the master passed, setting back to his knees.
Kaida nods
Kaida: Tal Sir, this is my Inn may I help you?
Aron: Yes. May we talk inside?
Kaida nods and pats Devka’s head
Devka looks to the Master and purrrs softly. “Will there be anything else, Master, Mistress?”
Jaron waited for the master to enter and then followed the mistress inside.
Aron: You may return back to your own business girl.” he calls out after the girl who shown him directions
Kaida: Devka go see to that man that is tracking mud around my carpet
Aron glances around the room slowly and his eyes ends over the red headed woman who owns the Inn as she talks. “Well. Firstfully, I am called Aron, I come from a long trip, from south.”
Kaida: Well Met Sir, I am Kaida, and how may my humble Inn help you sir
Devka nods and rises, starting towards Him. “Yes Mistress.”
Calypso eyes shoot out to the other girls tatas “Holly gorballs” he blurts out cupping her mouth before she says more. she looks back to her own chest and puffs up more trying to make them look bigger
Jaron found a place near the side of the Inn. He sat there, not speaking as he watched the free converse and enter the tavern.
Devka purrs and slips to her knees with surprising grace for a girl of her figure, and parts her knees. “Tal, Master,” she coos softly. “May I be of service?”
Aron nods lightly at the woman and he continues “As for my business, I am a Hired Sword, Mercenary. I am currently unemployed and seeking work. You are Inn keeper.. You talk to people, know about city. Maybe you may show me directions.” he speaks.
Chaz pushing open the door he pauses for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the cool dimness of the interior having learned long ago to be cautious in the waterfront dives of Port Kar
Kaida glances at the Man that just entered “I will be with you in a Moment”
Chaz nods to the woman behind the counter as he waits, observing carefully all that is around him
Kaida: well Aron as you can see from the group here so far I rarely get into the city much, but if you go to the city hall I am sure the First Captain might be able to help you,. what type of work is it that you do?
Aron: “It is not a must that I would work for the city. If you are in need of services, I can work for you as well. Actually I do all kind of works, coins speaks, but to name my services, I could say guarding, escorting, attacking, kidnapping, scouting and more.”
Zarie looks to the girl next to him and says’ see that man talking to the innkeeper go invite him over for me to have a drink and get him what he wants
Chaz seeing that this is likely to take a little time he decides to go explore the city further before returning to book a room for the night
Devka rises to obey, her form swaying gently with her steps. “Yes Master,” she replies, and goes back to adress the Free at the counter
Kaida: Ah I see Sir, well if you would like to book a room, I am sure I can get the word out if anyone has such needs
Devka returns and kneels to the man speaking to the Lady, and gently nudges for His attention. “Please excuse, Master, but the Master at the table behind me asked for You. Sounds like He might have a job You seek.”
Jaron slowly moved from his spot, kneeling behind Mistress Kai. he remained silent, for he had not been given any commands or instructions, merely to follow her into the Inn.
Aron nods understandingly at the woman “Thank you. More then likely I will need a room to stay over here, it seems.” he says and he looks down to the other slave called angel as she approached. His eyes were raised over to eye the man on table, who was mentioned. He then gave a small nod to him before looking back to the Innkeeper. “Talk to you soon Lady.” he spoke and moved near the man to take a seat.
Calypso eyes the girls boobs then back to her own then back to her master and finally back to the girls breasts tempted to poke them making sure its not her imagination she catches her hand in mid reach then looks away
Zarie: Tal warrior
Devka bites her lip as she gestures to the seated man. “Here we are Masters. Will there be anything else?”
Aron placed a hand on the floor as he slowly made his way down to a cushion by the table. He nodded at man’s greeting. “Tal.” he replied “The girl mentioned me about something.”
Zarie: get this man what he wants food and drink
Devka: “Yes Master, what would You like.?”
Calypso: Tal Master” she says lowly to the man seated
Aron yanked on the chain of his girl and he unleashed her. “Go help the girl over the kitchen.” he said and turned to the girl called Devka. “I do want an ale, and grab me a plate filled with a few fruits.” he said
Zarie looks at the man thoughtfully then asks?’ you ever consider working for a ship captain ?
Aron scratched his beard meanwhile he replied the man. “Actually I have done it before. And I might not have a problem with it.”.
Zarie: i have a fleet of ships and business interests in the city of Rairl and this city and another island .. and i need another captain
Devka starts back towards the kitchen and finds a plate. Promptly, it is cleaned at a washbasin and filled with fruit, primarily the ramberry and apricot that was most available.
Calypso gasps as he tugs on the chain wincing a bit she nods to her master “Yes right away” she winks to him and just for kicks she whispers wiggling her bum to him “Master” then walks over to where the girl is her hips moving to and fro as she makes her way to the kitchen
Aron: “Can you be more clear of what kind of help I might be to you? You want me to escort your merchants? Guard your supplies?”
Devka then tends to His ale, and has a flagon well cleaned as the plate was. In a moment, she is returning to the table with the flagon in one hand, head staying put over the rim but not trickling down, and the plate with luscious fresh fruit.
Calypso smiles to the bountiful breasted girl waving at her as she reaches her side “Greetings I’m Caly what can I help you with?
Zarie: guard our interests, plunder villages that give us trouble and ships that are enemies to us
Aron: “Might I inquire how often you are sailing?”
Nastalya presses the heavy wooden door open .. she tilts her dark mane into the open area to peek inside … her emerald gaze notices the inn full. pauses momentarily and slips inside. she was going to sweep but instead slips to her knees carefully , gracefully.looking around to make sure all Free is attended too
Devka sashays her way back to the table, bosoms and backside moving in inviting fashion with her steps. Upon arrival, she bends over and places the plate and the flagon on the table, careful not to spill a drop. Then, the slave kneels. “Here You are Master, fruit and ale, may they refresh, invigorate, and sweeten your palette for…exertions to come.”
Zarie: it is very important my influence in the city of Rairl stays as it is. If it doesn’t we will have to take the city over. The island is under control well and this city is no problem you would be a captain and would sail as you wish and recruit as you want . i sail often often helping the pearl mercs
Jaron  looked up and saw the girl entered. He smiled to her, his eyes just able to see over the counter.
Calypso pouts as she walks by with everything in her hands she sighs and makes her way back to the masters side chin up should he wish to leash her back again she falls to her knees in a swift motion inching closely to her masters side listening to the men speak
Kaida glances to the girl that entered “you can make sure there is fresh bread and sweets for the guests.”
Aron glanced between his girl and the other girl. He nodded approvingly at the red headed one as she brought his order nicely. He could not help himself but to smirk before he took a small sip, not every time he had chance to be served by exotic, or rather interesting slaves. His attention were drawn to red headed one for the moment. “Well done, girl. Feed me the fruits that you brought.” he said and turned back to man to continue listening him.
Nastalya smiles to the thrall she sees behind the counter.She hadn’t seen a thrall in ages. they were always much fun to hang out with… she looks around noting that all free seem to be attended to very well. she slips to her full yet petite height and quietly pads to the Mistress behind the desk.. her voice soft ,gentle, friendly as she ask” Mistress do you wish for me to sweep your inn?” slips to her knees as she asks the quesiton
Aron: “Actually I prefer to work alone in my business, and I doubt captain role would fit me. But you are talking about a place called Rairl.. That could be ‘Rarir’ in any chance?”
Zarie: Rarlr is the name
Devka cooos and purrrs, licking her lips and reaches for a single ramberry. “With pleasure, Master,” she coos to Him. Reaching up, she bends way over, letting her nipples gently brush His arm as she places the first berry on His lips.
Aron: Hmm. I see.
Zarie: I have political problems in that city right now and the fights i am involved with is hard to do alone
Aron: You do have a base on that land?
Zarie: I am Navy commander of the city…..well the cities navy belongs to me actually” laughs hard
Zarie: i have a base in another place also
Aron bites on the ramberry the girl have offered slowly as he leaned on the girl slightly. He had a random smirk on his feature that he can not hide meanwhile the girl serving him.
Aron: You are the navy commander of the rarir?
Zarie: aye
Aron: I see. But your relationship with the city is not good I believe, since you are thinking about taking it over. *laughs
Zarie: well with some it is me and the magistrate are having problems
Devka sees His smirk, and then thinks of something else. With a purrr, she reaches for another ramberry. Taking an arum under her bosoms, she drops the berry in her cleavage and presses her breasts together, lifting them to His lips to offer bosoms and berry….
Zarie: actually i have a lot of support
Kaida: jaron, go up and tidy my room please I am sure it is dusty as I have been away
Calypso eyes narrow to the girl a low growl in her voice as her eyes trail from the girl then back to her master she arches her back more straightening her spine keeping her chin up to show her delicate features her dark lashes heavy fluttering more then normal trying to hide the fury in her sapphire gems she will not give him the satisfaction of knowing how much it was driving her crazy
Zarie: just politics as usual that is needed to keep control of my sea lanes
Jaron nodded. “Of course mistress and shall i stay there and wait for you?”
Kaida: yes jaron
Jaron rose to his feet, letting his bare thigh brush against her dress. “I will mistress, shall I draw your bath as well.”
Kaida: yes make sure it is good and hot this time jaron….was a bit to cool the last time
Aron brings his lips close to the ramberry piece the girl have offered on her cleavage. Clever thing it was, he seemed pleased, he took it between his lips and raised his face to the girl’s level, his lips still holding the fruit piece, he pressed it against the lips of the girl as he made a move to kiss the girl shortly.
Jaron turned and went upstairs. His own mistress has been traveling and it was good to have somewhere to stay. “Of course mistress, it will very hot for you this time.”.
Devka with a gentle, playful tap she bumps her right breast to His left cheek, giggling. As He moves up, the slave lets out a breathless soft moan as she is kissed, and returns it in kind.
Aron turned to the man “Thank you for your offer. I think I might accept it, but we shall talk about the details, as I need to have an idea of what to do and how to help you out over there first fully”
Devka closes her legs a bit to crane up to His kiss, and then as their lips part and she knees again, a slight sound of moist thighs parting can be heard. Hearing this, and looking for His reaction, the busty girl blushes profusely.
Nastalya places the broom back in its closet. she washes her hands and checks over the supplies. making sure the inn is well stocked with things needed
Zarie: well in the city just help keep people loyal to me loyal and if needed we will take out who is a problem other than that just go about looting and making coin anyway you can. hire good warriors maybe help protect port kar here . see if the scribes get to much control fencing the goods we loot will be a problem and our activities restricted with the moving of slaves through the city .
Freya stops running and frowns,,’hmmm where is that man..the tavern i would bet cups her hands to her mouth and yells” Zarie where are you i need to talk with you’
Aron nods “Also, I do wish to ask.. What kind of link do you have with port kar?”
Zarie hears his woman and sighs “well seams i am needed she is green cast i better see what she wants” then looks at him “you have just heard my link the woman Freya flow is my free companion and she is working here.
Nastalya notices all is put away. and the supplies are stocked.. she steps toward the Mistress. stiffling a yawn…..” mistress. may I be excused?”
Zarie hands him a map and ship pass

Kaida: yes girl before dinner make sure the fires are still going
Aron laughs and nods “Very well. I understand. Be well.”
Freya stamps her foot and muttered ‘ya better not be busy with some slut ‘
Zarie: ill be right out dear i am just about done with her
Devka: “Safe paths, Master,”
Zarie: be well
Freya eyes narrow and her hand reaches for her dagger “you are what!!!!!!!!”
Devka then turns her attention back to the dark skinned man, placing a ramberry between her own lips and leaning in to Kiss Him….
Nastalya scurries to the fire.. picking up a few peices of wood. one at a time of course. the logs were to heavy to lift all at once. placing them into the fire. the fire light flickers and flashes then the log catches flame. watches the flames dance upon each log for moments then kneels to the Mistress” the fire is ready Mistress… may i return to my Masters home?” offers a gentle smile
Kaida: yes and do let him know when you see him, that I hope that construction is done soon as all of this dust is making me sneeze
Nastalya inclines her head ” thank you Mistress” she rises fully and walks out the door .. down the steps…
Aron hearing the sounds of the woman of man, he keeps on his laughter that he was staring back to the door. He then turned back to table, surrounded with two girl again, he kept his smirk on his face still. He was glad the business talk was over, so he could enjoy himself more. He brought his lips close to girl once again, he did kiss the girl along with the soft taste of ramberry.
Calypso looks aimlessly to her hands long nails followed by scars of hard labor in the north she was indeed not the gentle type nor the most dainties considering how she looked now she sprawls on four legs inching closer behind the master sapphire gems gleaming almost like a larl predatory yet beautiful her soft lush curves rubbing against her masters back as she creeps over to between the two her movements calculated as she rubs her side wantonly onto her master then with firm yet quick movements she places a strong hand onto the bass of the girls hair pulling tightly down then with the other she digs her long nails deep onto the girls chest scratching and clawing like a rabid larl on the attack.
Devka feels the nails on her breast and squirms away, right into the Master’s lap, where her great chest sits right before His eyes. She purrrs and puts her legs out straight, as if for comfort, and her heel lands right in the girl’s side. It’s not a powerful kick, but it pushes her away, and she profusely apologizes. “Oh, do pardon, kajira, “she coos, her manner warm and pleasing to counter her harshness, letting her look all the more petty. With a smile and a lick of her lips, another ramberry is in her cleavage, followed by one more between her lips, and she offers them in turn, cleavage first.
Kaida shakes her head at the slaves in heat
Aron raises a brow surprised with his girl’s sudden action, he ended up wrapping his hands over the red headed girl’s waist to hold her. Yet his surprise state did not last longer, “STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU” he growled out in sudden
Calypso wonders how she managed to get out from her tight grip on the base of her head then looks to see hair and pieces of her skin on her hands she smiles looking back to her grabbing both hands firmly on her head and with all her strength she pulls the girl off and back down to the ground her eyes piercing to her showing her the bloody hand meaning business she looks up to her master and kneels back to his side her breathing harsh as her stare is intense to the girl
Devka rises with a start as she is held away from the other girl, and rubs her breast, sore from the blonde’s nails. “Just doing what the master wants, kajira,” she says to the blonde with a shrug of her shoulders.
Devka bites her lip and looks up at Him with pouty eyes. Even this exchange and unpleasentness had not dried her out, and she is still damp below as she is held fast in His powerful grip.
Aron breathes out boldly, he sipped his ale from the table lastly before he released the girl off his lap and he rises from his seat to approach his girl. “You lost your mind?” he hisses at her. His one hand went on to the neck of the girl, and there he would shove the girl through the wall.
Devka bites her lip upon watching the display of His anger. She lowers her eyes at the response to the girl’s envious display, and kneels back quietly.
Calypso her voice is rash eyes red shot from anger “Don’t care” is all she says she knows she is in trouble for this but it was well worth the token she cries out as her master in one swift motion pushes her onto the wall her teeth clatter from the force her eyes pleading forgiveness from her master as he hands bolt to his hands trying to relieve the grip but failing miserably. though she was strong she was never a match for a man. she makes a choking noise as she speaks “Master forgive me please I beg mercy”
Aron shrugs at the girl’s words, he keeps her grip over her neck firm, and her body resting against the wall. There he would cut the breath of the girl for such act, but instead he lets his hand go off her neck for a moment, but he swigged a firm slap over her face with back of his hand. “Beg forgiveness from the girl.” he stated out and returned back to his place by the table
Devka’s lips curl up into a sly grin and she asks, “May I rise for this, Master?” Then her expression becomes forlorn, for she has seen this sort of behavior before, and her expression becomes one of understanding, maybe a little sympathy, even.
Aron did not even speak further, he was waiting for his girl to obey his command. He raised his one hand toward the red headed slave and gestured her to stand up with her words.
Devka nods to Him in silent thanks and rises.
Calypso her face turning from one side to the other her eye felt as though it exploded from the sheer force of his slap. her mouth opened but could not even scream from the pain she turns to look at her master holding her cheek with both hands she gapes at his words but merely nods holding in the sob she turns to the girl who is now standing looks to her with fierce stare she mouths “Careful” to her and her alone daring her not to be foolish to gloat she falls to her knees and hands her hair cascading to her shoulders and bare back “This girl begs forgiveness for what she has wronged you” she says in the best acting she could possibly conjure
Devka kisses the girl’s cheek and whispers gently in her ear. “This,” she says, lifting her coin box, “teaches a slave that jealousy is not her place. I pray to the Priest-Kings that you learn this before your Master sees fit to have you wear one.” smoothed her frayed and disheveled locks gently, her manner genuinely warm to the lovely little blonde.
Aron was sipping his ale slowly, he had stopped and let out a small laughter at the red headed slave’s words, and he kept listening to the two slave silently.
Calypso  looks up to the box then back to her. with thin tight lips she nods to her. that last part she did not like one bit surely her master understood it wasn’t her she was jealous of but rather her bountiful breast.. she thought hard on this then turn to her master side grabbing his arm tightly “No no no please master no no box thingy on my neck ” she shrieks “I just saw her well…you know ” she jesters around her breast “and i went a little crazy … you know I’m not gifted there… Master please no box for me please.” she cries on his lap rubbing her head like a little kitten almost purring to him. golden locks spilled all over his lap
Devka sees the girl turn to her Master pleading, and returns to her knees.
Aron chuckles at the girl’s comments. He pats head of his slave as she puts her head on his lap, he smirks. His patting firmer than usual, making noise that could be heard easily. “..Mimi kukuua.. One day.. Rasp of my life..” he laughs and continues to sip his drink

Devka purrrrs and turns around to His other side, smiling., glad to see the unpleasantness over. With a smile she takes a ramberry in hand, and brings it to His lips.
[2012/05/05 13:02]  Calypso winces as his pats feel more like slaps she continues to caress his pap with her cheek softly giving him giving him kisses on his thigh
Aron winks at his girl as he was leaned to side to take the ramberry between his lips once again. He shortly chewed on it and he spoke to the red headed slave when he did swallow it. “So, what are you called?” he asked.
Devka replies with a warm grin, “I am called devka, Master,” she says. another ramberry meets her hand, and is teased gently over her nipple, around the areola before it meets His lips.
Aron “And who did put you on this?” he asked, taking her small coin box in his hand and shaking it.
Devka bites her lip. “My Owners, Master, a group of dockworkers who took me in when I washed ashore here from a wreck. They looked to sell me at first, but soon found keeping a coin box on an exotic was…profitable.”
Aron nods understandingly, during her word ‘exotic’ his eyes were drawn over to her body. He bited the ramberry piece from her hand again, “I see.. Now that makes sense..” he mutters. “Are you hurt during the attack of the stupid?” he says, pointing over to his own slave
Devka rubs her sore bosom and replies. “Nothing beside a bump and bruise, Master,” she says in reply. The next ramberry goes below, to her sex. It is quite damp and she fidgets form the feel of a drop of her moisture coating her inner thigh. A moment later, shining with her juices, the next ramberry is lifted to His lips.
Aron stares into her eyes with his sharp eyes, he speaks once again. “You will not mention about it to anyone. If someone sees bruise or wound on you and question, you will tell you were attacked by a wild animal. Do you understand?”
Devka nods in acknowledgement. “But of course Master….and they probably won’t since, the occasional bruise or scrape of the knees is, well, just part of the life of a coin slut, from…firm use.”then looks down to the blonde, seeing she has falled asleep in His lap. Inching closer, and placing her sizable mounds on His arm, she coos and writhes, making clear her need.
Aron nods at her words “Ofcourse.. just telling..” he mumbles.. and makes a move to sip his drink one more time. His eyes were rolled on sides to look at her as she made her movement. “..What is the price for your usage?” he asked.
Devka bites her lip, and arches her back, lifting her eager backside as she replies, “But a tarsk bit, Master, she says. “after You are done with me, and only should You find me completely pleasing.”
Aron me scratched his beard as he watched his slave waking up from the floor slowly. “A tarsk bit, eh.” he mumbled, mixed along with a small chuckle. He sipped a large amount from his drink and left the empty cup on the table. He trailed his one hand over the girl’s breasts, and his fingers made it’s way to her collar, he firmly grabbed the girl’s metal collar and drawn her to in front of her, where he could talk into her ear “..Then here is a chance for you to earn it quick. Please me here right now, and earn.” he whispers at her ear before he pushes her face through his kilt, where she could feel the engorged bulge of his cock beneath his kilt.
Devka’s head is stuffed under the kilt, and upon seeing the luscious sight of His engorged cock, she immediately licks it, her bottom turned up and wagging like that of an eager dog. She is noisy, and the sound soon draws eyes from a few Freewomen around the inn.
Aron lets out a short laughter as he sees the coin girl was eager to suck him, He let his one hand wandering into her red curly hair, he rolled his hand around his wrist and got a firm grasp of her hair around his fist. He gave a small yank on her head with a small chuckle.. “Yes. Good.”
Devka feels the yank and comes up for air and breathes deeply, panting and licking her lips as her massive chest rises and falls with her breaths. By now, the scent of her heat begins to waft through the air, and she looks around to see the disdain of the innkeeper and other Freewomen about. She can but blush and giggle….
Calypso sleepy eyes open smiling to the master then eeps as she sees the girls head bopping from underneath his kilt her eyes bold up to his face she shifts her legs around resting her heel closer to her nibbling her lip she boldly nears her master kissing his neck pink soft tongue licking softly the nape of his neck teeth grazing on his tendon
Aron closed his eyes for a moment and his lips put out an even wider smirk with feeling of his slave. His excitement were rising over in a slow speed with feeling of warm mouth of the coin girl. “What are you doing, mine?” he asked out to his slave.
Devka whispers up, “Master, though she can say nothing with You around, do recall that Mistress Kai had disdain for me earning coin this way in Her inn. It would save me a whipping later if we could go back to the street of the writhing slave,” she asks, “please, master, I beg for you to take me in the alley instead.”
Devka goes back down to dutifully slurp cock as she awaits His verdict. With a gentle touch she caresses His balls and softly licks between them.
Aron: “No. I am the one that called for your service over here. If she has a problem I am the one who she should face.” he replied the coin girl.
Calypso nibbles her lip as she whispers close to your ear “Would you rather i kneel and watch Master? or would you rather I make up for my insolence?” she smiles giving him a playful bite to his neck she wiggles her hips moving her heel to position her sex in hopes to alleviate the sudden ache in between
Devka continues, opening her legs to let her moist sex air out a bit. She licks up and down the shaft with a firm drag of her tongue, and then turns her head to take Him inside and wrap her lips around Him tightly.. As she begins to work her head back and forth slowly, she purrs with her tongue pressed to His shaft, sending soft vibrations coursing through the length of His shaft.
Aron: “Just kneel and watch.” he replied her girl’s question as he eyed the red headed girl. His grip over her hair was moving accordingly with the movement of her head. But feeling it was not enough for him, he began applying pressure to his grip to increase her speed, to satisfy his hunger for lust.
Devka’s juices flow profusely, and she works back in one stroke until just the head is inside. She lingers there, flicking her tongue at it and twisting her head for a moment.
Calypsocould almost cry from his words but simply nods and obeys as she shifts herself back and watches the girl please her master she wiggles herself more as the ache becomes almost unbearable the heel was not doing anything for her grabbing a fist full of her silk she bunches it up as she quietly looks at the girl perform
Aron feeling the waves of pleasure was flowing through his grown manhood. He did not fight over to hold back, he pushed the girl’s head deeper as he let his seed fill her mouth.
Devka lets go of the head with a slurp and a pop, and promptly takes Him back in.
Devka me comes up for air and catches her breath. She sees a long strand of His early seed dangling between her lips and the tip of His cock, like a shoelace. Eagerly, she slurps it up and goes right back to work, suckling Him, stroking at the base, and twisting her head with every back and forth
Calypso sighs as she sees her masters pleasure finally release noting the milky film around the girls mouth she pouts knowing it could have been her being filled by his warm seed had it not been for her outburst.. no she thought it was all because of the big breasts had she had them she would be his desire. she was no exotic nothing about her was different except for her burst of rage. she chokes in a cry of frustration as she waits quietly for the master to be done
Aron pulls the head of the coin girl back from his manhood “Enough.” he says and slips his two finger into his pouch, bringing out a few coins, he inserts a copper bit into the box of the girl. And tosses the other copper coins into the fruit plate, as for the price of foods and drink. He then moves about to stand. “We are leaving.” he says to his girl
Devka licks her lips as her box is filled, and cooos, “thank You Master,” as they rise to leave. safe paths to You and Yours.”
Calypso ears perk she quickly get up to follow her master she lifts her chin should he wish to leash her again and waves to the big bosom-ed girl “Serve with fire”
Devka purrrs and gives him an affectionate hug around His legs as she licks clean the seed from around her lips
Aron gives a small pat on the devka’s head and he gestures her girl to come along, he leaves the Inn.


Can you say cold shower anyone? After that tease I jumped into the river then ran back out when I saw the river sleen. Be wary of Port kar and its sleens they are not friendly at all. Ouch! So thats the end of today’s story! Until next time 😀


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