Everybody hurrrttsss and everybody cries


Lately I have been searching about for possibilities of a new character. Yes odd that I started a blog and already I want to change the character. Truth be told I have always made a better freewoman then a slave. Constant sex scenes bore me. Although it has been fun pissing off the women as I shake what my momma gave me, and fighting other slaves is very funny, I just don’t see myself constantly having to do “the do.” I was hoping for more of a labor working slave rp with some sexual scenes of course but labor no less. However the free I have encountered if they are women they do not speak to me or if they do is to speak about me, if they are men… well hence why I wear a chastity belt. So this char will soon be gone (im letting my master take care of that part lol) and a new character will emerge and hopefully be prosperous in story play.

Onto my next topic. I was hopping around villages seeing where my story will begin now and I came across and amazing city with very um controversial ( i think thats the best word i can say) people.. One in particular drew me in. He will remain nameless of course. See I tend to profile perv people to see more or less what I am getting into and prepare. What I saw on his profile literally made me raise a brow. At first he has the typical no princess slaves, get to work or gtfo, I am not here to be your boyfriend, and my personal fav the famous you know if you wear the collar pick. Very typical man profile expressing his disdain for slaves making them seem like objects to warm your dick at night (there isn’t any part in the book where they are treated as objects btw. They were more treated like animals and ya know even animals get treated with some kindness) Which mind you fleshlights probably do the same thing fyi.But I digress. After reading the typical things what do you think I find? Heartbreak lyrics and a poem about his lost love that broke his heart. Aww poor baby come cry on momma’s shoulder. Listen up kiddo’s most people on sl get hurt. Its not your fault its people who REALLY don’t give a fuck about you that’s at fault. You know whats funny most of those assholes that don’t care for real don’t write on their picks how they are tough mean masters that don’t want princess slaves and blah blah blah. If you are writing all that bs just because you got hurt.. well all its going to do is scare off the ones whom wont hurt you. The people who are worth a damn. So guys and you too gals quit writing so much shit on your profiles on how much this person hurt you. Wanna get them back? Don’t give them reason to think you are hurting. That’s the ultimate get back. You write all this stuff all its going to do is give some reading material to the idiot that fucked you over so they can laugh about your “Woe is me Im in pain oh please unbreak my heart” whining. Deal with it everyone gets hurt even yours truly here. Wanna know what I do? I get over it and move on. So should you after all the next person could be the one to wipe all those tears away.

To my readers.. yea I know I am rough with my words and I seem to be a bitch. But honestly I’m not. I’m just brutally honest and hate to see people do that to themselves. That other person isn’t worth the suffering you cause yourself. Remember we are all beautiful and we do deserve to be treated well in any life. Until next time!


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