Im a bond hear me roar!


So as we know temporarily me and my Master are stationed in Port Kar awaiting on is decision on where we will live and of course my completion of this character so I can transcend to the other. Now I cant stay in the inn all day and all night or well Ill never get a story for here! So as I walked down the cobblestones to the courtyard I come across a few free and a kajira which we will probably see here again. At first there were pleasant greetings but then things came suddenly for a turn to the worst. I know you are all eager to find out so Ill shut up now and let the characters tell they’re story:

Lady Sarah looks from the strange girl the over to Pitt then back to the strange girl ” girl what brings you to kar?” I final ask her.
sefa seeing them an come near i tremble just a bit as i say “tal Jarl”
Calypso ears perk as she hears the mistress she looks to the other girl then to herself pointing at herself “Me Mistress?” she asks with a curious expression usually free paid her no mind
Lady Sarah looks to the girl and just shakes my head a little ” yes girl you” and still looks to her as it is odd to see a slave traveling alone
Calypso looking confused she gaps like if she was going to say something then pauses wondering if this is one of those trick questions she finally answers as honest as she can “Why my Master brings me to port kar Mistress”
Lady Suri  glances about the square “Greetings Pitt, Lady Sarah”‘ observes the slaves nearby
Lady Sarah nods “Tal Suri”
sefa:” i never seen her before Mistress nor her so called Master” she whispers to her
Lady Sarah still looks confused a little to the girl then she hears sefa ” so girl who is you Master?  Where is he is? He brought you here?” she nods to sefa while asking the girl
Calypso : “Tal Mistress” she says lowly to the other mistress she looks around to the others wondering if she was in trouble or something “Oh he is in the inn Mistress if you like you can ask the innkeeper she booked him a room here. He is looking for work I believe is what he said to the Mistress” she looks up pointing to her collar saying property of Aron Zahm “This is my master Mistress I hope this helps clarify” she looks around never having been questioned so much before. she was quite excited truth be told no one ever pays her this much attention
sefa Jewell: “she in chains Mistress perhaps she a gift to Kar” grins at the girl
Lady Sarah: she could be sefa
sefa nods my head fast “I think so too Mistress” i look to the slut “,, she is kinda pleasing to the eyes Mistress i say” , holding a finger up showing there how kinda pretty she is ,, the fingers a inch apart
Adalwyn: Tal Free Tal girls.
sefa: why are you in chains slut?
[18:34] Calypso (calypsotempeste) looks up frowning “Mistress although I am honored truly for this much attention truth be told these chains are my Masters doing had I been a gift I would not have his collar on. My Master is visiting this village and I dont think he will be happy that someone stole his property” she looks down giving a shrug
[18:34] sefa Jewell: tal Master i say
[18:34] nyteroze: No, Mistress.
Lady Sarah looks to the girl as i just take in what she says as i am still leary somewhat looking to the man in green ” tal Sir” then back to the slave ” girl l i never have heard of the man you say is your Master or seen him here” then hearing what sefa i just looks to the male as if to say i think the girl is lying to me
sefa: point to this slave in front then turning another one with red hair there too Master ,, i think its raining slaves
Lady Suri : “Whose name is on the collar?” looks questioningly to the slave in white
Calypso looks up in horror “Mistress no I wouldn’t lie please check the books he is in the inn plus why would I have his collar if i wasn’t his property?”
[18:36] Lady Sarah: Girl anyone can say what you are saying and it be a lie
Adalwyn glances towards the woman speaking to the others and nods softly listening to the girl having already been known to her the previous meeting.- “the beast and her master are at the Inn. They came to the Port as visitors. He is in search for employment in the Port.”
Lady Sarah: ahh ok SIr
sefa rubs my hands together as i remain silent , letting the free handle the slut now

Calypso sighs a relief as finally a voice of reason speaks
Adalwyn: “why he leaves his beast to run about while he is off gallivanting around one will never know. You would think he would make sure his girl is known in the city as his own property if he was in any control”
Lady Sarah: yeah i know Sir because of situations like this
[18:40] Adalwyn glances back towards the other who gave him a gaze and then back to the ones he kept an audience with speaking clearly.: Yes, One would think if the male was in any control he would ensure the safe keeping of his beast or at least ensure she had better skills in a unknown city.”
Lady Sarah: aye that is true Sir especially a port such as ours
Calypso nibbles her lip softly she would not speak anymore until they ask of her for fear that they would plot again
sefa: did the said owner ask the kennel to look after you i say to the white haired slut? then whisper to the Master “”what on her titties ? are they in her nipples?
Calypso looks up “He said to help in the port if needed until he is done with his business. He mentioned he may stay here if it pleases him Mistress”
Adalwyn: “They are trinkets and bonds and chains that her master placed upon her.”
sefa: yes Master they look like they hurt !

Adalwyn: Yes I am sure they did why do you not ask her girl?
sefa: her hand clutches the pitcher of the strong black mead , the head of form wiggles as she step to him , her nose is tickled by the bubbles that burst as she come to the man ,, she grin wicked as her body leans into his , her curves seeming to fit nicely on his strong body , one hand runs over his chest as she presses hers against him ,, she say “Jarl your mead stone just like you she purrs up to him , may you find this mead fills one of your thirst this night… if you desire anything else form the is slut to fill another thirst you know how to find her
Calypso (calypsotempeste): They do and I trip on them all the time” she blurts out to the girl
Adalwyn glances towards Caly and nods softly speaking to the girl: Your knees on the cobble stone girl ensure you do not trip anymore.
sefa: can i poke her Master?
Calypso nods to the master softly speaking “Yes Master” as she glides down to her knees looking to the floor she didn’t know what she did wrong as she began to sniff all she did was stand there
Adalwyn: Why would you want to poke her?
sefa: just for fun, she’s awfully white ,,, maybe it will bring some color to her
Adalwyn: No do not poke her she seems scared enough in a new area.
sefa Jewell: yes Master
Lady Sarah looks to the girl now on her knees ” girl when is your Master due back here?” as i sigh a little and look over to sefa having heard what she said and just shakes my head a little
sefa seeing the Mistress look over to me i grin as i shrug my shoulder “,, well she is very white”
Calypso gives a low growl as she hears the girl her eyes narrow to her quickly then back to the ground. “Mistress he has not told me I only see him in the morning before he makes his way to the docks”

sefa eyes widen as i hear a growl looking to the Master and Mistress ..”did she just growl at you Master?”

Adalwyn moves towards Caly leans down with a grip of her hair his lips moving to her ear with a low growl as he spoke into her ear keeping a firm grasp on the mane of hair:

Calypso smirks giving a small chuckle oh how that girl was gonna pay for that act she thought then grunted as her hair is tugged sharply
sefa:” I think she laughing at you Mistress” i say softly to her
Lady Sarah rolls my eyes a little as i hear the girl then looks to sefa ” sefa go get me a small bottle of kalana just the small bottle no goblet” then sighs
Adalwyn grips the girl’s hair tighter his other hand bracing her chains gripping them tightly to make sure the beast was not going to go wild. : Apologize for your current behavior beast.
sefa Jewell: “yes Mistress” i say as i laughs going to the tavern” ,, ohh no” sefa stumbles over the cobble stone her foot hit the white girl in the thigh ,, making it look like it was done as she stumble i recover with a smile on full lips as i run into the tavern before any could say a word
Lady Sarah just laughs slightly at what sefa does then looks to the male then to the slave

Calypso signs and just zips her lips nodding as the master speaks she says no more for the instigating girl kept getting her in a deeper hole she did however smirk to her giving her a wink indicating later she will find her. she almost chocked in her binds as he tightens his grip her lips thin holding in another growl as the girl struck her thigh the looks back down saying as well as she could “Please forgive this girl for what she has done”

Adalwyn: “Are you finished with her ?” :glances towards the woman who stands in front of him and then back at the beast whom he had a tight grasp on:
Lady Sarah: yes Sir i am
Adalwyn: “then I shall escort her back to her master’s safe keep so she is not to make anymore mischief. Be well” :glances down towards the beast on her knees and tightens his grasp on her chain: “Pleased to meet you Lady Sarah I am Adalwyn Seerose.” “Come beast follow me”
Lady Sarah: ok Sir and nice to meet you to
sefa Jewell: rushing back to the Mistress I look over at the white hair girl winking as if i say bring it girl , innocently my face changes as i kneel before Mistress with a small bottle of opened kalana smiles as i tip my head back offering the bottle to the Mistress
Calypso  coughs loudly as as he drags her back up

Lady Sarah takes the bottle of kalana from the girl and pulls the cork out with ease and takes a long drag from the bottle after lifting my veil slightly ” thanks girl”
sefa smiles lowering my hands to her thighs
Lady Sarah: sefa you may see to the others or go about your chores.
sefa: I wonder if she knows how to serve men Master perhaps she could get you something

Adalwyn glances towards Caly and then towards Sefa and shakes his head: “The beast would trip and spill anything with those blasted chains upon her body.”
Lady Sarah: pleasure meeting you Sir and aye that is true… be well Sir…serve with fire girls
sefa: ohh no Master a real kajira knows how to walk in them with grace
Calypso sighs she clanks her chains together “Im a bond not a kajira” she mumbles trying her best not to growl out again
Adalwyn glances towards Sefa and Caly: “Your master must have a humor to him to think your of proper use to anyone with those dangle bits of chain and steel around your limbs. It is distraction from your body.” :glances towards Sefa listening to the girls words: “Aye but do you not see by her temperament I doubt she is a trained kajira by the simple fact she does not know how to hold her tongue. Beautiful and foolish do not mark the traits of a proper trained kajira.”
sefa looks to him with a laugh, you must be right she looks like a bond bet she smells like she been rolling around with bosk ,, i bet the beast don’t mind if she trips
Calypso looks up to her growling eyes bloodshot in anger. her muscles bunching up as she wants to leap onto the girl “Don’t call me a beast when you wear the same collar as me. I have pride in what I am I work hard and have the scars to prove it. What do you do sit on your arse and serve a drink? Anyone can do what you do. Come to the north and see if you can handle real labor. ” she spits to the floor “You wont last an ahn soft flesh”
Adalwyn takes a step back watching the two as they exchanged such heated words shaking his head softly
sefa laughs seeing her anger that might be a bit of fire in her belly after all .. i brush my well shaped nails over the thin rags as I look to her “,, I have no desire to stink nor touch the hairy bosk ,, i rather serve men as they wish to please all and not just one you bond are known for ,, if this city gets you i will vote to call you white stinky slut !
Calypso looks up to the master “Master may you take me back to my master now. he told me if i injure another kajira he will bind more chains on me and I really want to behave today” her eyes almost pleading to him as she knows her temper all too well
temper all too well
Adalwyn glances towards Sefa and shakes his head: “You engage her when she has no desire to defend it is a pointless battle girl. If you have chores to attend to get them done. :glances towards Caly: follow me.
sefa Jewell jumps up going to roam the city and please men as i call to her “yes please men have them enjoy the lush curve of a pleasure slave something you never feel”
Calypso makes a small mark trail from one side to the next behind the master as she passes by the girl


Ooooo there is gonna be a smack down in the streets! I can almost taste the blood in my fingers. *smirks laughing malevolently* Looks like I am gonna need to put my claws on this kitty gotta cut a hoe *cackles as she mimics in the best ghetto accent she can do* Until next time!


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Tal everyone and may odin bless you for coming in and reading my stories. I decided to create this blog because well this character has been thru some crazy adventures. What better way to share them then in here right? Also aside from zany adventures I happen to be a shopaholic lol so I will be posting fashion items and events on here as well.

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