Oh how the mighty have fallen


*raises Port Kar’s flag at half mast saying a soft prayer on a once beloved and true rp port. You were one of the good ones Port Kar! You will be surely missed!

At this point I am sure you are probably thinking.. o.0 um caly the sim is still up. Yes it it I know BUT this is not the famed cutthroat port we all know and grew to love. For more or less five years Port Kar has survived so many storms only making it stronger and truly the scourge of the south. But sadly as all great civilizations this one will soon fall.Just like with Troy, port kar will plunder due to a woman.At first I didn’t recognize this certain woman whom for sake of not dealing with anymore consequences will remain nameless. Then she started with her antics, isolating people whom she did not care for, keeping a certain clique of followers like an entourage and should you not fit the bill… well then you need to bail. So as these strange things started happening to me I started to ponder.. this has happen to me before. In a sim I liked to call drama Island where she and her clique ruled as well. It was only until she did this that the lights didn’t turn on and I went AHA! You are the sim killer! Here is the scene:

Ok so I bump into this guy and we strike a normal convo… she randomly out of the blue walks over and stands I kid you not in between me and the guy. (all she needed was to pee on his leg to mark her territory. xD)

[06:31] Me: beams as she hears the masters compliments “Oh thank you master I shall let him know… that is if I find him today” her blush fades as a concerned look falls upon her face “You or the mistress have not seen him today have you?” she turns to the mistress “Oh I am so happy to hear that tummy aches are the worst at times but I did make some poached eggs at the inn.. it was for my master for his breakfast but I can make some more if needed”
[06:31] Me: ((wb))
[06:31] Man: ((thx))
[06:35] Man: (( I will go to put therin’s door))
[06:35] Woman: (excuse me i need ot show him a few others

Now all I changed was the names but pleaaassseee note the times of the ooc. 5 minutes of waiting for a post and all of a sudden they have to go. Do they rp out? Nope they bail leaving me alone. This happened at the sim before and I went OMFG its YOU! and tpd out.

I later informed a friend and long time veteran of Port Kar to watch for sudden drop of people. She didn’t understand until she found herself out of a home after being there for so many years. The reason was folks apparently she commented about the sim and how it was being run….. yea… Don’t get me wrong if they didn’t like the comments I believe should be addressed so it doesn’t happen again.. but banning? I think that’s a little too rough considering you have just bought the place. (and why would anyone ban that and say its OK to have a billion alts playing in the sim including themselves which could be used for META-GAMING Ill never understand)Any who as I checked the sim’s traffic and its down to 9k.. a once place whom had 100,000+ k is down to 9k which is more then likely their alts camping in there to build that traffic alone. And how many people.. seven.. ya on a Friday night on a sim that used to be with at least fifteen people at all times there is only seven which once again I am sure most of them are indeed alts. This is a sad moment in deed and it makes my heart break seeing this happen honestly.

But I will try my best to make it so they at least get some traffic and let you know one tiny detail.. The men on there are lovers not fighters. So you raiders out there come get it easy pick’ ens there! Though I might warn you that its more then likely a one time raid as they so happen to be sore losers (already one btb rp sim is banned from rping there… ya the WHOLE sim)

So although I did have some fun on Port Kar I must say goodbye to my once loved city and sail onto other adventures.. maybe go north this time since lately all southern hospitality has gone to the crapper lately. (plus after this I’m sure I wont be welcomed there lol)*sighs* until next time folks!


About bondsaway

Tal everyone and may odin bless you for coming in and reading my stories. I decided to create this blog because well this character has been thru some crazy adventures. What better way to share them then in here right? Also aside from zany adventures I happen to be a shopaholic lol so I will be posting fashion items and events on here as well.

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