Here we go into the GE world..


Soo I know what you all might be thinking. Hethen! Blasphemy! How can you sleep at night?!! Listen guys put down the pitchforks and take a seat. I dont know if you noticed lately but the BTB sims have been lacking in style. So far I have been all over the Gor BTB Map and they hall have a shit long list of rules that all equal to no fun. There are some cities who wont even accept a raid from anyone. Which yes I know it can be annoying if every few minutes there is a raid BUTTT standing around and doing nothing but hanging around taverns or cafe’s pretending to drink your coctails and polite conversation can get real boring quick. Or the ever so popular furring can get tedious as well. C’mon Im a fan of the gorean sasauge platter but it gets bland after it being youre only diet. So for this reason I decided to roam around in the GE world. So far I have encoutered some real genuine people whom want to do things out of the norm. Its a refreshing change of pace and need I mention it quenches my blood thirst? I havent even touched my ps3 since I have been in GE because of all the action. Sure its alot of pew pew but I like pew pewing from time to time (you should hear me swear lol worse then a sailor when Im playing COD) Im now in an outlaw village called Black Bows Outlaws where I have disgeiused myself as a freewomen.. until someone notices my brand that is. (if you tell anyone sefa I will kick your arse lol)Let me start of that it has been a long….very long time since I have seen a place with more then ten people in it. This sim is constantly busy on raids, getting raided, resue missions.. the works. The first day I got there alone I almost got my ass handed to me for roaming around so be careful and ring the doorbell please. But aside from that tiny scuffle they welcomed me into their village as one of their own and I have been poking around ever since meeting the locals and trying out their natural foods..or is that anthony bordaine… (Laughs at her own cheesy ass jokes) So keep an eye out kiddos Ill be posting some interesting stuff soon enough on this place. Who knows what kind of trouble this bombshell bon…erm free woman will get into here. (I give myself a week before I am in chains again lol)

For my readers I know I know when will the rp come back.. did caly the bond die? What happened to the dark misterious jungle man master of yours? Soon enough I will have all these answered in amazing intricate roleplay that you all know and love. For the now I will show you different places that one could explore (of course in disguise lol). Who knows maybe one will put us onto adventure of a lifetime! Until next time.. keep imagining! 😀


About bondsaway

Tal everyone and may odin bless you for coming in and reading my stories. I decided to create this blog because well this character has been thru some crazy adventures. What better way to share them then in here right? Also aside from zany adventures I happen to be a shopaholic lol so I will be posting fashion items and events on here as well.

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