This Is Big.


I thought this was interesting to know just in case you all happen to buy stuff from there.

Silks Of Second Life

Letter from Jericho Jie on marketplace:

It has sadly come to my attention that certain items I created or co-created for Torvalds Forge are being sold again in Second Life by my former business partner Jona Aabye, without my knowledge or consent, in spite of the fact that Torvalds Forge closed down more than a year ago via mutual agreement. It should not have re-opened without the same mutual agreement.

This is why you now can own every Torvalds Forge item I could recover from my deleted account, and have directly worked on. And you can own them for FREE. Torvalds Forge should be dead and gone, but if it isn’t, you should not have to dole out your cash for any of the items that came from my hand.

*** THANK YOU for all the positive comments and encouraging remarks that I have received, and more so, thank you…

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Tal everyone and may odin bless you for coming in and reading my stories. I decided to create this blog because well this character has been thru some crazy adventures. What better way to share them then in here right? Also aside from zany adventures I happen to be a shopaholic lol so I will be posting fashion items and events on here as well.

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