Night of the living Kar!


So I know I havent been around in a while but I promise this new  character will be full of  many twist and turns. For now I’ll focus on this new sim I have been poking about. Remember Port Kar? Yea forget what I said before for Kar is under new management. And people I have to say these are one of the best characters Ive been arund In a long time. Port Kar is full of colorful characters and some very hot pirates…erm I mean good whole hearted folks. Cause there are no theives and pirates in Kar right? Any who the ownerd of the sim have been working very hard so after a long day they decided to unwind a little.. with a murder conspiracy, hauntings and then finally bodies rising from the grave.. But dont worry these zombies weren’t out to feast on the flesh of human beings. No these zombies wanted to dance!

Dance Zombies Dance!

Oh no one of them’s got me! HELP

Luckily Sefa was there to save the day!

Although this is a BTB sim mind you and we do wish for people to come and roleplay of course it never hurts to have  little fun. To that I say kudos to you Port Kar you know how to give this bond a good time! Until next time folks and come over we dont bite… hard :p

Enter… If you dare… Muhahahahaha


About bondsaway

Tal everyone and may odin bless you for coming in and reading my stories. I decided to create this blog because well this character has been thru some crazy adventures. What better way to share them then in here right? Also aside from zany adventures I happen to be a shopaholic lol so I will be posting fashion items and events on here as well.

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